Saturday, December 14, 2013

Freeman Beauty has hair care?

While snooping around the Freeman Beauty website on black friday I found out they carried hair care products and since they were on sale of course I felt the need to try them out.

I picked the papaya and coconut color retention shampoo and conditioner for $2.99 each and as far as I can find its only available online from Freeman, Walgreens,, Amazon websites. 

According to the Freeman website this line gently cleanses your hair, maintains color and provides moisture and claims to provide the nutrients that dry/damaged color treated hair needs

The directions are basic and very simple. Shampoo: apply to wet hair, work into a lather and rinse it out well. Conditioner: apply after shampoo, work it into the ends of your hair and rinse well. 

But before I give you my opinion let me give you a little background on my hair. I have lots of hair but it isn't coarse and my hair is very resilient. I even have a very subtle ombre but I wouldn't say my hair has major damage. It is very long, almost half way down my back. I have used L'Oreals color vibrancy (pink cap) line for months and have been very happy with the results. I also use either Macadamia natural oil deep repair mask or Sebastian penetraitt deep repair mask once a week. As for styling lately I have been applying Paul Mitchell root lifter and serum before I let it half way dry and then come in with my hair dryer and a curling iron. In the summer I used the same products, minus the Paul Mitchell styling products, and would let my hair air dry and I never had a problem with frizz.

Before I shower I always used detangler and brush out my hair so that there are no tangles. When shampooing I focus on my roots, and when conditioning I focus on my ends. Very basic, nothing special. 

When trying out this Freeman shampoo and conditioner I followed the directions on bottle. First thing I noticed was the coconut smell that took my back to summer and made me crave a blended summer drink with a mini paper umbrella. It lathered up very well which some shampoos made specifically for color retention don't do because of the lack of sulfate. After washing out the shampoo my wet hair felt very course and snarled, I continued with the conditioner. After a minute of working it into my ends I rinsed well but I was immediately disappointed because my hair didn't feel smooth and soft. It felt like raw dry hay, ya know the kind you find at a farm. 

After the shower I lightly towel dried my hair and combed through it starting at the ends working up to the roots and applied no styling products after the shower and let my hair completely air dry. It made my hair frizzy and not as soft to the touch as my regular shampoo and conditioner do.

Since I followed the directions I don't think my results are due to user error, instead I completely think its the quality of the product. It did claim to lock in moisture and leave your hair smooth and silky, after trying it several times I would say that the claim is exaggerated from the results I got regarding moisture. As for color retention I think it did a fine job. Freeman says that this shampoo will boost your color, another claim I would have to argue. I didn't notice a "boost" but my color did not fade either. 

After trying it a few times and having the same result each time I probably wouldn't purchase this exact line again, but I am interested in the moisture line. In Freeman's defense it is only $2.99 a bottle so I shouldn't be expecting rainbows and unicorns and this line is targeted at maintaining color. But I feel that other inexpensive hair care lines do a better job. Since it isn't available in big discount stores I probably wouldn't order this off the internet and pay for shipping. I will say that if you have shorter hair and in the market for a yummy scented shampoo this could really work for you.

Like always this is MY opinion and my experience. I hope I covered everything! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Free Deluxe Sephora Samples

This morning I checked my Sephora beauty insider points and it said that I need to spend $46 dollars to reach VIB rouge level. So of course I was trying to rack my brain for what I "needed" to meet this dollar amount and then I headed to the mall. 

When I arrived at the mall I parked outside of JCPenney's because they have the best parking my first stop was the Sephora inside JCP. I noticed they had 2 Tarte off the cuff palettes left, ya know the one with 4 blushes plus a bronzer, so of course I "needed" that.

Walked up to the register and this young man asked me if I wanted to open a JCP card and of course I said no. He told me he could give me a cute, yet unnecessary, bag of deluxe samples if I applied. I really messed up my credit as a young adult so I knew I would be approved but he told that I would receive the bag of goodies even if I was denied. So like I fool I applied, and I was ACCEPTED!!!! So not only did I get a bag of swag I found out that my credit has improved :) Here is a peek...

So if you need a credit card to JCP and want to get free deluxe samples ask about this!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NEW L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Gloss

Wondering around I spotted a new display at my local CVS. I will insert a picture of the display...
Not sure if they are lip glosses or liquid lipsticks because I have heard both online but I can't find them on the L'Oreal website and the display doesn't say.

Anyways I purchased 3 colors. a nude, a pink and a purple, for $9.49 each. The shades I purchased don't have the pigmentation to be considered a liquid lipstick so I will call them glosses.

The display had 16 shades ranging from nudes, pinks, berries, reds, purples and even ORANGE :)
I KNOW, I KNOW!! I went picture crazy but the packaging is so pretty can you blame me?!? On to the swatches...Just a public service announcement I only put BB cream on the bottom half of my face because I thought I was only going to post pictures of my lips but since that didn't work this is what happened. I know I look like a goon but I wanted you to get the whole picture (no pun intended :))
601 nude ballet

101 rose melody
403 purple prelude
on the inside of my forearm

Overall I really do like them because they aren't thick and sticky, just the right consistency to stay on you lips for a few hours without drying them out. I am excited to try them over lip liners and lipsticks to give my lips a little more color.

my cheesy attempt at blowing you a kiss for stopping by :)